In this game, your aim is to defeat your opponent by reducing their health bar to zero. You have unlimited vertical and horizontal movement on the playing field, allowing you to maneuver and dodge strategically. Each spaceship has a blaster that is operated with a single button. But be careful: there is a risk of overheating during prolonged use, which requires a quick cool-down. As a player, you must navigate skillfully and use your blaster strategically to survive the intense battles.

Winning battles earns you Ether, a valuable resource used for matchmaking and ranking in the divisions. Rise through the divisions, prove your skills and strive to become a Grandmaster.

Level up to unlock rewards such as perks, icons and orbs (reward boxes). The roadmap provides you with a visual guide to the upcoming unlocks.


In battle, you have a triumvirate of perks at your disposal, each with unique and remarkable properties. These include the Halo Shield, which protects you from your opponent’s infantry bullets, and the devastating Missile, which scatters the enemy to the winds. For those who want to immobilize their enemies, there is the fearsome gravity bomb. Each perk embodies its own unique playstyle and gives you unparalleled power. The skillful selection and combination of these perks gives you the opportunity to make every battle a unique experience. Here are just a few tantalizing glimpses of the range of perks that await you:


In the depths of space, a multitude of majestic spaceships are waiting to be unlocked and modified by you. Each of these spaceships has its own play style and offers an individual gaming experience. Broadly speaking, the spaceships can be divided into three categories: the Assault, Savage and Dreadnought. Throughout the game you will encounter a range of starships, each with unique base elements, including key attributes such as health, movement and damage dealt.


To be able to upgrade your spaceships and perks, you must first collect enough units to be able to upgrade them. You can earn these valuable units over the course of the game to reward your achievements.

A visual representation shows the strengths and weaknesses of your selected spaceship. With this tool, you can compare the performance of your spaceship in each category. Ultimately, you decide how your ship performs in battle and how you want to improve it.

The perks have their own skill categories. To give you an idea of these categories, here are two examples.


The loadout screen gives you an overview of all your available spaceships and perks. Here you can also see which ones still need to be unlocked and get a clear overview of your progress and possible goals. Here you can also see how many units you are missing for your upgrades. To optimize your gaming experience, you can of course save your favorite ships and perks as presets.